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On-Line Backup
Protecting your precious data

The Problem

Companies of all sizes are increasingly reliant on the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data. Despite investment in data protection, many find their existing backup facilities are letting them down.

In the last year, two thirds of large businesses in the UK have suffered an incident, such as systems failure or physical theft, necessitating restoration of significant data from backup. Approximately half of these businesses suffered major disruption as a result.*


The Solution - Online Backup

Key Features

Data Protection

High quality software, endorsed by world class business.
Data encryption before transmission
Highly secure data centres.
Backup and restoration over the internet.


Competitive pricing

Protection from £8.50 per month.
No setup fees, no capital investment.
Free 14 day evaluation.



Automatic daily backup of your selected data.
User-friendly interface suitable for home or business.
Software versions for Desktops, Laptops and/or Servers.

*From the findings of a DTI Information Security Breaches Survey conducted by a consortium led by PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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Broadband First Installation

The advantages offered by a broadband connection are well known - high speed connection always available, with the facility to use your phone or fax at the same time and a fixed monthly fee. Broadband First products offer the business user a highly reliable service, with flexible fixed contracts and free migration from other providers.

Key Features

One month minimum term contract - most operators require 3 - 12 months minimum.

No download restrictions - subject to fair usage policy 

Fixed IP address - unlike many service providers, Broadband First provides a fixed IP address (a unique identifier) with all packages. This is an important consideration for networking, VOIP and other future applications.

Free migration on connections - if you have an existing broadband connection you can now migrate it to Broadband First at no cost. (With the exception of some LLU operators)

Fixed monthly fee - no initial deposits and no unpleasant surprises with high bills.


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